Our story

Our story

Sitting down to write this first post, it just felt right to start when this all began and that just so happens to be the start of everything.

WARNING – this post contains some sickening descriptions of people falling in love

On a cold January day, having never climbed before, I decided spontaneously to attend an introduction to bouldering session at Boulder Brighton. As Valentines day was lurking seedily just around the corner there was a special promotion running offering buy one get one free on all introduction to bouldering sessions. Having recently moved to Brighton, and not knowing anyone to take with me, I purchased a single ticket and thought to myself that if the session was full surely some poor sod was in the same boat as me and I wouldn’t be the only one not in a pair.

I scraped back my hair, grabbed a pair of ‘fairly’ clean leggings and a t-shirt before heading off to what I assumed would be 90 minutes of humiliation and self realisation that despite Dry January’s best efforts I was still horrendously unfit.

I’d love to say that I locked eyes with Ed from across the room knowing instantly that he was the one, but in fact, I remember him coming in slightly late and casting him some sneaky daggers.

As the session progressed we were paired off and lo-and-behold, no prizes for guessing who I was paired with ?

For his first time at bouldering Ed was annoyingly good. I’m very competitive but this was a battle I simply couldn’t win and pretty quickly he got paired with someone else who was more closely matched to his ability.

Introduction to bouldering session over, a few of us decided to grab a drink in the cafe and it was over reviving mug of tea that our spark began to glow.

An exchange of phone numbers and a short lift home later I was sat fresh out of the shower with a towel on my head, ready to binge watch some more Jane the Virgin over a bottle of wine when the real game began.

*bzz bzz* new message from Ed
“Fancy a drink?”

A wry smile turned the corners of my mouth as a feeling I’d long forgotten danced in my stomach.

“Sorry I can’t do tonight. Coffee tomorrow?”

I bet you thought I’d say yes…

But I’d been out of the game for too long and being snuggled up post-shower was simply too far gone to entertain the thought of not only going back out into the cold but for drinks with the hot guy from bouldering?! I needed at least a little time for preparation!

I guess you could say that the rest is history. One coffee, two coffees, three coffees, four. From that moment on we climbed in every spare minute we had and became inseparable.

Still a better love story than Twilight.



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